Swedish stalwarts Dark Tranquility didn't just play Milan last year. They came, they saw, they conquered. And they filmed it! The band is releasing a two-disc DVD set that contains an astonishing 20 tracks, dubbed 'Live in Milan.' The first disc features the 20 tracks, while the second disc features the 'Out of Nothing' documentary, along with 21 rare live videos and promos.

The band is also celebrating a huge metallic milestone: its twentieth anniversary. Vocalist Mikael Stanne told Noisecreep, "The day is drawing near. The day when we celebrate our 20th anniversary by releasing this DVD that we've been working our asses off on. The result is something that we feel is pretty spectacular and we felt like sharing it with some our friends and fans. So we figured what better way to do so than to have a special screening right here in Gothenburg. Right in the heart of the city in one of our most classic movie theaters."

If you're not based in or visiting Gothenburg, then you'll just have to watch in the comfort of your own home, on your own damn couch.

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