Montreal-based Priestess have been quiet this summer, working away at their sophomore record, 'Prior to the Fire.' Having just signed to New York City's Tee Pee Records, the band is expecting to release the new LP in February, and have been working with Los Angeles producer David Schiffman, whose track record includes System of a Down, Mars Volta and Nine Inch Nails.

After proving their explosive presence on stage, the band is taking what they've learned from the road and utilizing it in the studio. "We've done so much touring and seen so much since our first record that it only galvanized our feelings of what the band is," frontman and guitarist Mike Heppner recently said in an interview. Over the last six years, the band has toured with the likes of Mastodon, the Sword, Converge, Dinosaur Jr. and Motörhead.

Putting the finishing touches on the new album, Priestess are currently playing around Canada for the month of November and have a handful of U.S. dates schedules for early December.

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