Former Red Chord guitarist Mike Keller has another project, Meek Is Murder, in which he sings and plays guitar. Meek Is Murder released this exclusive studio clip to Noisecreep for their upcoming 'Algorithms' album, which our good friends at MetalSucks will release digitally March 22. The band recorded with Kurt Ballou of Converge fame at God City Studios.

The clip opens with a very eerie piano melody, but things like tambourines made their way into the studio and recording process. That's right -- tambourines!

Watch Meek Is Murder's Studio Report


"Kurt Ballou is a total professional," Keller told Noisecreep. "He usually leaves the room when he farts and knows where the best soup in town is. His dog Sneezer was a real muse and whom we miss like fire. We actually booked 10 days at God City but finished in six. We even mixed down to tape and tracked a bunch of extra shit like piano and tambourine. Actually, the tambourine was the last thing we tracked, after we had officially declared having finished tracking.

"We were well into the mixing process. Kurt came in one morning and said, 'We actually need to record one more thing.' And he came out with a f---ing tambourine! I was like, 'What do I look like? Donny Osmond?' But then Frank said, 'F--- it, I kind of do, I'll do it.' Anyway, it turned out cool. You can hear it on 'Garbage Collector,' which is the last track.

"It's titled that because it was an amalgamation of leftover garbage that didn't fit into other songs, as well as blatant ripoffs of earlier songs on the album. It's basically a bunch of filler, but the label was totally breathing down our necks to get over that coveted 19-minute mark, so what are you gonna do?

"Actually, if you really want to know, a garbage collector is the mechanism in a compiler that collects bits of discarded data and makes them usable memory again. Some high level languages like Java use garbage collectors, but are often criticized by C programmers for the amount of overhead they require. Absolutely no one cares about this."

The snow and ice that have been clobbering the East Coast all Winter didn't stop Meek Is Murder from getting their recording done. Keller said, "There was a blizzard one day we were recording -- we didn't know what to expect, because in NYC, when there is a blizzard everyone stays home and cries. The streets are piled with snow for weeks and the post office burns your mail for warmth.

"Luckily, Massachusetts has had its fair share of snow before, and the plows were in full effect when we got up to go to the studio. We did have to dig the car our for like an hour, and then it took two hours to get to Salem from Framingham. Frank kept cutting off the snow plows, because -- like the honey badger -- he does not give a f---. Kurt was really surprised we were on time that day."

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