Mammoth Grinder

Summer touring is brutal. Hot, crowded, sticky, dirty venues; hotter, more crowded, stickier, dirtier tour vans. Power trio Mammoth Grinder -- who say "whoever your favorite band is, we can dunk on them" -- aren't letting a little thing like heat get in the way of their country-canvassing exploits this summer in support of 'Extinction of Humanity,' which was released by Relapse.

"I usually just take my shirt off," vocalist/guitarist Chris Ulsh told Noisecreep about how he combats the heat and humidity implicit in summer touring. "I'm a free spirit of sorts. But our practice space is the worst, and we're there for at least a couple hours a day. Imagine jamming out in a goddamn furnace. In Texas. Touring is the easy part."

As for a little Twitter-sized back story, Mammoth Grinder was started by Ulsh and "my main man Brian Boeckman about four years ago," he said. "We went through a bunch of bass players and released some records that I guess you could file under 'whatever.' Then we really started to get our s--- together with the last record. We're always trying to get better at our instruments, watching and learning from other people that we think know what's up these days. This is the first real band we've been in so there are always place to improve and that's what we've been up to as of late."

The band will release a seven-inch single on the Hell Massacre label that they will be selling while on tour. They just recorded two more brand new cuts and a redux of 'Societal Collapse' from the last album; those three songs will be on another seven-inch for Cyclopean this year. "Then after we get home from tour, we will start on the next full-length," Ulsh said.

After the Lewd Acts dates, Mammoth Grinder will play dates alongside Innumerable Forms, playing as their backing band as well. "So if you dig the slow, Scandinavian style death metal, then you should come out to those gigs," Ulsh said. "Hell Massacre just released the Forms seven-inch, and everyone should give it a listen. After that, we will be playing a couple shows on the way back home to Texas. Not all the venues are confirmed yet, but if you ask any local bad-ass in your town, they will probably know where the gig's at. Our plans go a little something like this..."

Mammoth Grinder tour dates

7/1 -- San Diego, CA -- Che Café

7/2 -- Berkeley, CA -- 924 Gilman

7/3 -- Canoga Park, CA -- Cobalt Café

7/4 -- Mesa, AZ -- Underground

7/6 -- Denver, CO -- Blast O Mat

7/7 -- Lawrence, KS -- Jackpot Saloon

7/8 -- Tulsa, OK -- Rock & Jock Pizza

7/9 -- St Louis, MO -- Fubar

7/10 -- Indianapolis, IN -- The Dojo

7/11 -- Ann Arbor, MI -- Metal Frat

7/12 -- Cleveland, OH -- Now That's Class

7/13 -- Syracuse, NY -- Westcott Community Center

7/14 -- Philadelphia, PA -- Barbary

7/15 -- Brooklyn, NY -- Charleston

7/16 -- New Haven, CT -- Lillys Pad

7/17 -- Watertown, NY -- Velocity

7/18 -- Cambridge, MA -- Middle East

7/23-25 -- Santa Barbara, CA -- Earl Warren Showgrounds (Sound And Fury Festival)

7/26 -- Boston -- TBA

7/27 -- Philly -- TBA

7/28 -- New Jersey -- TBA

7/29 -- NYC -- TBA

7/30 -- Toronto -- TBA

7/31 -- Montreal -- TBA

8/1 -- Toledo, OH -- Mickey Finn's

8/2 -- Chicago, IL -- TBA

8/3 -- Minneapolis, MN -- Eclipse

8/4 -- Omaha, NE -- Ghost House

8/5 -- Kansas City, MO -- El Torrean

8/6 -- Springfield, MO -- Skate Park

8/7 -- Little Rock, AR -- Downtown Lounge