John Bush of Anthrax and Armored Saint fame lends his pipes to Long Distance Calling's 'Middleville,' which appears on their self-titled album. What's the big deal about Bush's guest spot? Well, for one thing, Long Distance Calling are mostly an instrumental band, so it's not like they have vocals all the time.

"Dear Americans, we are proud to present you our collaboration with Mr. John Bush on the track 'Middleville,'" the band told Noisecreep. "What's special about that? Well, we are a mainly instrumental rock band but we like to push the envelope, and John is an amazing vocalist and a great guy. He gave heart and soul into this beautiful little song, and we are very very happy to have his voice piloting this tune. This song is for you!"

Listen to 'Middleville'

The song is a moody, progressive track with a few peaks and valleys and a lengthy guitar-driven section toward the end of the song. Overall, it's heightened by Bush's distinct vocals.

"Ambiguous is how I would describe the approach to creating what ended up as 'Middleville,'" Bush told Noisecreep. "It was exciting for me to have the freedom in making something that was kind of unclear. The band is powerful and moody and they gave me the room to work within them. I was motivated to dig deep and find another part of my personality. I believe it surfaced."