While Prosthetic is planning a re-issue of Light This City's debut, 'The Hero Cycle,' former vocalist Laura Nichol and drummer Ben Murray are continuing to work together in light of their band's demise. "Laura and I just completed recording our debut record for our new punk band, Heartsounds, where we both play guitar and sing," Murray told Noisecreep. "We returned to Zack Ohren, who produced all four LTC records, and it turned out amazing!

"Stay tuned for MP3s and pre-orders in the coming weeks for the new album that Laura and I have been working on for a year now." Murray also revealed that bassist Jon Frost and guitarist Ryan Hansen are "working really hard on a new record in the vein of Light This City, but much, much more metal." More metal? We like!

As for the reissue, Murray said, "After countless requests by our fans, we finally decided it was time for Prosthetic to reveal this record to the masses! 'The Hero Cycle' was Light This City's first attempt at conquering the metal world, and while that goal didn't completely pan out, we certainly made a small, yet significant impact on the community we grew up worshiping. This album was the first step towards that goal, and reveals innocence in sound that is really fun to listen back to, and we feel our fans will really enjoy it. While the band progressed in undeniable ways throughout our six-year career, the days writing and performing that album remains some of the most fun and exciting that the band had ever seen."

'The Hero Cycle' bowed in 2003 via Reflections of Ruin Records and Prosthetic, which released three LTC albums in the '00s, was originally scheduled for re-release on Aug. 18, but those plans have been scrapped and the album is due out sometime in early Jan. 12.