Some bands, you wish would just go away. But others seem to dissolve long before their time. San Francisco's Light This City was one of the latter. It's been nearly two years since they threw in the towel, right before the release of their final opus, 'Stormchaser,' but Light This City aren't going away on a quiet note.

The band has regrouped for a series of long-promised farewell shows, all of which will be going down on the West Coast in April. The first is set for San Francisco on April 8. The band also plays Fresno, Calif. on April 9, Anaheim, Calif. on April 10, and Los Angeles on April 11. The Funeral Pyre, Early Graves and Gypsy Hawk will open.

"Needless to say, it has been an exciting and interesting two years since we put a stop to the band, and since June of 2008 everyone in Light This City has started brand new awesome musical endeavors," says drummer Ben Murray in a statement. "That being said, we always knew we would get together one last time to thrash with all our amazing fans up and down California. That time has come, and we are extremely excited to announce four final Light This City shows."

Murray claims the shows will be "absolutely killer," and that the band expects all of its West Coast fans to come out for them. "We will play a good amount of 'Stormchaser' songs as well as all the bangers from 'Facing the Thousand' and 'Remains of the Gods.' Since we didn't play any shows in support of 'Stormchaser,' this will be the best chance for all of you metalheads in California to come rage with us while we bust out these songs."

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