The documentary 'Lemmy: 49% Motherf---er, 51% Son of a Bitch' premiered last year at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas. But any film about Motörhead icon Lemmy Kilmister doesn't really premiere until it hits his adopted hometown of L.A. That finally happened Jan. 13 at L.A.'s Vista Theater.

Several of his friends, including Duff McKagan. Robert Trujillo, Slim Jim Phantom, Ron Jeremy, Steve Vai and Henry Rollins came out to support the rocker who Dave Grohl calls "the baddest mother f---er on the planet" in the film.

Everybody was filled with nice things to say about the man of the hour; from Trujillo, who described Kilmister in three words by saying, "Intellectual, outlaw, attitude," to Vai, who called Lemmy the ultimate in cool. "Some people just have a cool about them; you can't buy it, you can't learn it, you can't download it, it's just something you gotta have inside and that's what he has," Vai told Noisecreep. "Sometimes you don't see it in films or hear it on the record. But when you're in somebody's presence, you're feeling their aura. It's a different level."

Lemmy -- who told Noiscereep last year of the movie, "I don't believe a word of it. It's all s---" -- is learning to accept all the attention, he told us last night. "I've gotten more used to it; can't decide if I liked it, but it's OK," he said. "I said it was alright to do it, so I have to live with it now."

Still, it didn't mean that Lemmy wasn't gonna have some fun with all of the "bulls---." When asked who he'd like to play him in a possible biopic, he had an intriguing response: "Pamela Anderson, it'd be different." Has he ever heard the former 'Baywatch' beauty sing? "No, but they'd just dub my [vocals] in. Wouldn't you?"

That covers the biopic. What about a sequel to the documentary, since Lemmy has a busy year planned, with a Motörhead tour and new Head Cat album in the fall? Is a sequel possible? "Probably, if it makes money there will be." Would he be down for a sequel? "Maybe a short cartoon," he said with a chuckle. That is indeed the baddest motherf---er on the planet -- and the coolest movie star we know.

Watch Motörhead's 'I'm so Bad (I Don't Care)' Video

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