Noisecreep is proud to premiere the new song 'Phaze' from Lecherous Gaze -- featuring ex-members of Annihilation Time, who were born of a downtown Oakland flop house noted for once housing bands like High on Fire and Drunk Horse. 'Phaze' lives on the band's self-titled debut EP, which is out March 29 via Tee Pee Records. We've got the early inside track on the tune, though, so crank it till your stereo speakers blow out.

"We had been playing that song -- it wasn't called 'Phaze' yet -- for about a year with our first singer, Marcus, but never recorded vocals with it," Lecherous Gaze bassist Chris Grande told Noisecreep about the track's humble, somewhat controversial beginnings. "I went on tour filling in for another band, Saviours, and came back to find our friend Lakis had taken a home recording we did for Marcus to sing over and put his own vocals over it."

Listen to 'Phaze'

He continued, "We loved it right away. Sadly, we had to tell Marcus goodbye and gave Lakis the singer gig. It's his kind of 'go for it/take over' attitude that we wanted in a frontman. Sorry Marcus!"

'Phaze' is a dirty, punky, distinct song. "We didn't get 'there,' we were born 'there,'" Grande said about the song's style. "If you took a look at where and how we live right now, this question wouldn't need to be asked!"

So what else can we expect from Lecherous Gaze in 2011? Well, Grande turned the tables on Noisecreep with that question. "A better question would be, 'What can Lecherous Gaze expect from everyone else in 2011?'" he positied. Answer: "Unwavering and frenzied lust and servitude towards your new masters, Lecherous Gaze."

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