While Jonathan Davis works on his solo album, he is allowing bassist Fieldy and guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer to take the lead on the forthcoming Korn album, the follow-up to their 2007 untitled release.

"I haven't heard one (song) yet," Davis said matter of factly during an interview with Noisecreep. "I purposely took myself out of it because I think I influence a lot of shit in the band, melody wise. I hear melodies and I want Munky to play this on guitar, that on guitar. I end up screwing myself because those are vocal melodies I should be singing. I'm like, 'You guys go in and do it without me because Ross (Robinson) is producing. He did the first two Korn records. Then Ross can handle all that stuff. We'll come up with something that's very different and exciting and old school."

So far, he said, Shaffer and Fieldy have written about 15 or 16 songs, all of which Robinson needs to go through.

"Once that's done and we get some kind of arrangements, the band will go in an actually knock out all the parts and do all the stuff, and get to the point where I'll go in and start doing vocals," Davis said. "We're in the early beginning stages."

Davis said he feels anxious about not knowing where the music's going, but "that's the whole beauty of it." He decided to work with Robinson again because he loves "him to death" and missed working with him.

"It's so cool to be working with him again," Davis said. "It's just that we missed working with him. We've experimented to a point where we felt we wanted to do a heavy record again. I'm excited about it. A lot of fans are excited about it."