"He was very hard on himself and in constant competition with his former self and with other people," Bobbie Brown says of her ex-husband, the late Jani Lane.

Brown is an actress and model and probably best known as the video vixen in Warrant's 'Cherry Pie' video. She met Lane on that very video shoot and eventually married. The union lasted three years before divorcing in 1993. The couple had one daughter together named Taylar Jayne Lane. Brown recently sat down with the website Legendary Rock Interviews to discuss her new upcoming reality show 'Ex Wives Rock.'

During the interview, Brown addressed questions about Lane, the founder and songwriter for '80s hit-makers Warrant. Lane was found dead in a Woodland Hills, Calif. hotel room on Aug. 11. His death was blamed on acute alcohol poisoning. There were some bizarre circumstances surrounding the death, including a note found in Lane's pocket which read "I am Jani Lane." A bottle of pills was also found near his body, but toxicology reports don't list any drugs other than alcohol in his system. Brown mentions other eerie facts about the death during her interview as well.

"There were reports that someone had brought him food but there was no food in his system for the last two days. His wife tells me that he died with a smile on his face and the coroner tells me that it looked like he had to have been screaming at the top of his lungs," says Brown.

Brown also reveals that Jani had reached out to her a few weeks before his death. The singer was apparently looking for a place to live and wanted to move in to her apartment but she told him no. The remaining members of Warrant and how they reacted to Jani's death is also takes up a large part of the interview.

"I was upset that they didn't show up [to the funeral] or do anything for him and that they did these interviews where they were kind of shit-talking him," says Brown. "It was like 'C'mon dude, he wasn't trying to f--k your life up intentionally, it wasn't something he set out to do.' If anything he was the one that gave you a career and a life because without those songs nobody would have ever even heard of Warrant. They would not exist today, so they should be more grateful to Jani than anyone. I know that they had a lot invested in Jani's return and his disease f---ed everything up for them but to be honest with you they didn't care about any of that. They only cared about the band's career and were in it to win it and pull it off for themselves. They could give a f--k less about Jani's problems, they just wanted that sweet reunion tour glory and payday."

Watch Warrant's 'Cherry Pie' Video Featuring Bobbie Brown

Other parts of the interview reveal secrets about Brown's early life and the complicated relationship she has with her mother. There are tales of early jobs, working with bands like Hurricane and Great White and meeting Jani for the first time. There's also a few details about 'Ex Wives Rock' which will begin airing in Canada in April. The production team is hoping for a U.S. pick-up as well.

Check out the entire interview at Legendary Rock Interviews.

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