Bobbie Brown, one of the stars of the reality show Ex-Wives of Rock and the hot chick in Warrant's so-bad-it's-good "Cherry Pie" video, has revealed her thoughts on a very important matter. She was asked, during an interview with Fuse, who the creepiest rock star to ever hit on her was.

That's a fair query, since Brown was smack dab in the middle of the glam rock heyday of the '80s.

So which rocker earned the honor of most creeptacular? Why, KISS frontman Paul Stanley, that's who!

Brown said, "He was just effeminate - extremely effeminate. I don't know, it was pretty creepy I have to say. No offense to KISS and all that stuff, but it was bizarre."

Brown went a step further, suggesting that Stanley might even be gay. She said, "I don't know if he's gay or not, but I really have a feeling that he might be - I don't know."

Stanley is currently married to Erin Sutton – a woman - and they have a son and two daughters. The KISS icon has another son from his previous marriage. Stanley hasn't responded to Brown's statements as of press time.

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