When Jani Lane died of alcohol poisoning in a Los Angeles area hotel room this past August, he did so without a will. The former Warrant vocalist is survived by his third wife, Kimberly, and four children - two stepdaughters and two daughters from two previous marriages, so a judge will decide the fate and subsequent division of his legacy and estate, which totals around $600,000.

While Lane was a major rock star in the '80s, his net worth at the time of his death is far less than one might expect given the level of success and fame he achieved. It's not clear what constitutes the $600,000 of his estate; that is, we don't know what is liquid or what is an asset.

TMZ reports that Lane's eldest daughter filed paperwork requesting the court to appoint an executor to suss out the estate and divide things up. Lane's estate could be split between his widow and both blood daughters. It's possible the mother of Lane's second daughter might also nab a piece of the estate, as well.

What a mess.

R.I.P., Jani.

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