obtained and posted the Jani Lane 911 call yesterday. The former Warrant singer was found dead in a Woodland Hills, California hotel room on Aug. 11. The call is disturbing (and not for the faint of heart) as the housekeepers that discovered the body did not want to go near Lane. They did not want to touch his body to check for a pulse to see if the singer was still alive so that the 911 dispatcher could determine the level of help Lane needed.

While we cannot blame the hotel employees for their non-action in this case, since they showed up for work to clean a hotel room, not to deal with a dead body, it is still a heartbreaking call. The dispatcher told the staff that they did not have to go near the body if they did not want to but did mention that "it would be nice to know if we can help him."

That must be truly heartbreaking for Lane's family, friends and fans to have to hear.

Watch 'Blind Faith' from Warrant

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In other Lane news, a note that read "I Am Jani Lane" was found on his person, along with a name and a phone number.

Prescription pills and a half-empty bottle of vodka were also found on site.

The toxicology reports should be returned in the next several weeks to determine what exactly killed the singer, 47.

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