Isis have just released their video for the song '20 minutes/40 Years' -- actually calling it a video is a little deceiving, as it acts as more as a short story set to a score using one of the songs off the post-metal band's 'Waving Radiant' album that was released earlier this year.

In the conceptual film particles are shown transforming, with violent shakes set to the bearded gruff scream of singer Aaron Turner, and a faceless figure of muscle and flesh gestates in captivity only to shed off unneeded remains later in the light.

The short video is directed by Visual Effects Artist Matthew Santoro, who's worked on such films as 'Aliens vs. Predator -- Requiem,' 'Rise of the Silver Surfer' and has his own film 'Offline' coming out soon. The video for '20 minutes/40 Years' boast a similar confining birth theme and the blanketed gray color schemes as famed Tool videos like 'Vicarious' and 'Stinkfist.' These similarities come as no shock, as Santoro has been linked to a still-unconfirmed, but highly-speculated Tool project.

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