Irepress have always been a band of evolution in sound and at times in members. The Massachusetts' band originally formed with vocals to go over their metal dreamscapes, but then singer Jarrett Ring left, only to return to provide keyboards to the band's mainly instrumental sound that developed while he was away. Now guitarist Bret Silverberg has left for the greener pastures of higher education and the search for a replacement was not a hard task, since Benji Gram was already in the van.

"He's basically a brother to us," drummer Sheel Davé told Noisecreep about tapping the band's tech and roadie to join. "He's been on tour with us this whole year. He knows us personally, musically and he's brought with him a new energy."

That energy is't just present on stage or in his playing, though. "He motivates us," Davé explained. "[On tour] we hit our most lows and our most highs, and he's seen how we operate in the hardest circumstances. He's very positive, and I say 'positive' as the greatest outlook because we had some really rough times on the road this year. And there wasn't one moment where he was negative about anything, and that's what we needed."

This past year Gram's involvement went past just the technical side as he even began to work on that band's booking, too. Gram admits that his involvement all came from being a fan and wanting to lend whatever he could to the band he loves so much.

"When it came down to it and they asked me, it was totally an honor," Gram reflected." I thought about it for a second. Do I wanna change my role? My role has always been trying to help these guys however I can. If that changes it to being a part of the actual writing process and performing, then absolutely." Gram added that he currently has both feelings of excitement and nervousness.

Gram describes the "the central element" to Irepress' sound as one passion, and he sees this continuing as the band is currently writing their follow up to their last album 'Sol Eye Sea.' For him though he's approaching the writing keeping the idea of being a fan on his mind. "If I was listening to Irepress what would I want to hear them play next?" he asks himself. "I would love to hear a combination of the last two albums with little new flavors. Now I get to be a part of the new writing process, so it's just that much more exciting."

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