The ever-evolving, trance-inducing Irepress have released the new song 'Shaolin Knights,' and it's available for free download. That's right, the band's first studio output with new guitarist Benji Gram -- who before being tapped was the band's tech and roadie -- is just being given to you.

On the first note, 'Shaolin Knights' feels different than the space-prog that dazzled 'Sol Eye Sea I.' But for the lovers of that sound, fear not. The sonic meddling comes in heavy later in the track. 'Shaolin Knights' features vocals from Jesse Korman, formerly of the Number 12 Looks Like You, with keyboardist Jarrett Ring tackling the melody, making this close to the most lyrics the primarily instrumental band has had since their frontman-laden beginnings.

According to Irepress, this is a return to their roots and is dedicated to all to the family members and friends that "that made us who we are and the days we will never forget. We'll be here forever." With the open-fisted chorus of "when we were young, there were no complications," that sentiment cannot be missed.

The band is about to head out for a long tour in Europe, but they'll return to the States for the eighth annual Last Night on Earth show in Cambridge, Mass. with Constants and Caspian on Dec. 30.

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