Inhale Exhale

Your brain might very well implode from the moshability of Inhale Exhale's 'Did You Ever Have a Touch to Lose.' But you will be a bit scared by the video for the song, which has a bit of a warehouse vibe, featuring men and women lurking in the background, their identities concealed by paper bags and cloth masks fastened over their heads. It's nothing if not creepy! These mysterious folks -- who may remind you of the stalkers in the horror film 'The Strangers' -- appear while the band is in full performance mode!

"We wanted to go with more of a live, performance-based video this time around," guitarist John Larussa told Noisecreep. "We wanted to portray the storyline about knowing yourself and a 'knowing who you are' vibe. The characters in the video represent the masks people hide behind, and this is also why the band disappears at the end of the set. We were able to find out who we really are."


The actual filming was a great experience overall, according to Larussa. The footage was shot and produced by Iron Curtain Media from North Carolina and Larussa said, "We are all very happy with how it turned out and they were a great, professional company to work with."

Find yourself now by watching the video!

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