On Friday, we caught up with Poison the Well at the "10 for $10" show in New York, and spent some quality time with the boys in their van, which is fast approaching the 200,000-mile mark. All the hardcore kids who showed up seemed rather mellow, at least for the festival's Manhattan stop. Apparently, the show didn't go so smoothly in Knoxville, Tennessee. We've got more on that in today's installment of White Noise, plus an update on Aerosmith's summer tour, some tour and album announcements, and Ozzy Osbourne's search for a new guitarist. Its all the metal news you need to know, and some you probably don't need to know.

+ So, yesterday, we told you about Ozzy Osbourne's decision to part ways with longtime guitarist Zakk Wylde. Ozzy says his solo LPs started sounding more and more like Zakk's band, Black Label Society, and that he's auditioning possible replacements, including Rob Zombie's John 5 and some dude from Greece. Now, Wylde's wife Barbaranne has revealed via Twitter that her hubby and Ozzy were scheduled to meet on Monday, presumably to discuss his status in Ozzy's solo band. She writes, "All's good... We're family!" Obviously, this story isn't going anywhere and we'll be bringing you all the latest, as it happens.

+ In related news, Fox has officially confirmed the cancellation of 'Osbourne's Reloaded,' the variety show starring the Osbourne clan. Sharon Osbourne claims too many Fox affiliates decided to drop the show and air something else instead, and that's what led to the show's demise. The program aired just one time.

+ Knoxville's NBC News affiliate WBIR-TV is reporting that the Monday (July 13) date of the "10 For $10" tour was shut down by police after a fight broke out inside. Nearly a dozen people were arrested at the show on charges including disorderly conduct and inciting a riot, held at the city's Valarium. According to police, the club's bouncers tried to break up the fight, but found the band on stage and the crowd had turned on them. The madness spilled out into the parking lot. Police were called to the venue at around 3:30PM ET, and arrived to find several people outside, brawling.

+ Want to hear new Gwar? The band is streaming a new song, called "Let Us Slay." The cut comes from the band's new album, 'Lust In Space,' which is slated for release on August 18.

+ According to Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer, the band's summer tour is being held up because of an injury suffered by frontman Steven Tyler. "There's two big muscles in your legs, one's the quadricep, and [Tyler] ripped that muscle," Kramer explains. "And it's painful, it hurts; for the first couple of days, he couldn't even stand up or walk or anything, so... [He injured it] jumping around on the stage." The band's last concert happened June 29 in Connecticut, where fans reported seeing Tyler strain something in his leg.

+ Don't feel like waiting until September 22 to hear new music from Porcupine Tree? Then stream a medley of tracks from the band's double-album, 'The Incident.'

+ Inhale Exhale have set 'Bury Me Alive' as the title of their new album, which is being eyed for an October 6 release. The set will feature 11 tracks, including "Did You Ever Have A Touch To Lose?," "A Dark Place For Your Mind To Be," and "Better Her Than Me."

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