Michigan post-hardcore sensations I See Stars is in the midst [along with Chiodos, Breathe Carolina, Mod Sun, And the Color Morale and The Air I Breathe] of the Rockstar Energy Drink Scream It Like You Mean It tour.

Just after coming off stage at the recent Anaheim, California House of Blues stop, bassist Jeff Valentine and lead guitarist Brent Allen told Noisecreep what they'll be up to at the end of the tour. "This run ends at the end of August," said Valentine. "Then we fly up to Lake Tahoe where we'll be locked away in a cabin by the lake!" Allen picked it up from there. "We're going to write our new record, all alone in this cabin that our record label found for us. Totally secluded. No outside interference. Then we'll go in and record it. Then in November we go back on the road. And it all starts over again."

At the Anaheim show, the band pulled out a surprise for the fans, something they have not been playing as of late - their cover of The Outfield hit from 1986, "Your Love." The tune originally appeared on the 2010 collection of cove tunes, "Punk Goes Classic" and after the band was told they had a few extra minutes in their set, they jumped on it.

Listen to 'Your Love' by I See Stars

"We love that song," Valentine told Noisecreep.

Allen concurred. "We totally respect that song- and that entire era. Back then, bands and producers cared about music. They listened and they learned. Today with a lot of bands it's all blending together - it's mushy - not distinctive. Bringing elements of good music together is something that we like to do, incorporating great influences and adding our spin."

Charles Epting

As for the band's recent shot on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, both members of I See Stars said it was a blast.

"There aren't a lot places anymore to play for a national audience like that," Valentine said. "So something like that is an amazing opportunity. You never know if it sells records or does all the things people tell you it will do - but you know that it's fun, that it's a great experience and that you can't wait to do it again."