The Vans Warped Tour can be a very grueling run for some bands, but for Hundredth and Being as an Ocean, things just got a little more scary and even more difficult as their tour bus caught fire in the midst of the run.

Both acts posted about the incident, with Hundredth offering, "Woke up this morning to our bus on fire. We all got out and are okay." Meanwhile, Being as an Ocean's Anthony Ghazel also weighed in, "Our bus caught fire ... we're all alive and well. Love these boys." Both social media posts came with photos of the destructive fire which can be seen below.

Being as an Ocean's Tyler Ross managed to keep a sense of humor about the blaze, tweeting, "Guess I shouldn't have brought my mixtape on the bus." Meanwhile, fellow rockers Issues offered their support and condolences on the fire. "Yo, heavy prayers going out to @beingasanocean @HUNDREDTH. It's so hard to make a traveling bus your home for months on end, but to have to go through something like this is just tragic and we are feeling for you boys hard. So glad you guys are alive!!! @HUNDREDTH @beingasanocean."

They later added, "Guys this is just chilling and so sad, as soon as their is a support funding going on we will let everyone know. @beingasanocean @HUNDREDTH." At press time, no such fund had been set up. See all of the social media posts on the fire below.

We send our best wishes to Hundredth and Being as an Ocean and hope that their Vans Warped Tour journey can resume.

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