A Plea for PurgingAndy Atkins from A Plea for Purging is currently headlining the Tour Up From the Floor Up with Venia and Hundredth. He's taking some time out from a busy November schedule to document the insanity for Noisecreep.

Get ready for this post cause it's a double feature of two action packed days of Tour Up From the Floor Up!!!

Last night's show was a killer. Springfield, Ill. is always one of our favorite places to play. Kids really know how to party at the Black Sheep Cafe. I love the killer punk rock atmosphere of the club. We play anywhere from dirty punk clubs to A-market clubs to churches.

Something about playing a small room super packed just gets me real stoked. It's definitely intense. Big stages and tons of kids are cool, too, but give me the Black Sheeps of America any day of the week. We really jammed last night. We had a couple not so awesome days in a row so it was gnarly to get back into the swing of things with a super jammin' show.

Benny and Brad from the band Renae came out to the show. It's always awesome to see those dudes. Wish they would've played the show cause I'm totally into their band. Shameless plug for my friends!

Here's a pic of Benny(from Renae), Kevin (owner of The Black Sheep Cafe) and myself. We're totally balding it!

After the show we headed to our merch dude Damifino's parents, which was right on the way to today's show. They were gracious enough to put us and Hundredth up for the night. They are basically like our second family. They treat us real well, even though we just come in, eat all their food and stink up the place. Good people.

We woke up this morning and headed to Franklin, Ind. Seems like a small town. It's a little outside of Indianapolis. We were a bit late to the show due to a GPS mishap. The venue, The Gear, was a pretty nice place. It was our first time there. The sound was awesome. I gotta say, Hundo and Venia both sounded pretty dang heavy tonight. About the heaviest I've ever heard either of their bands. Tonight's main event wasn't the show, though. I gotta get to the real deal.

Tonight our van hit TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND (200,000) MILES!!! We did what any proud group of solid full-time touring dudes would've done, and we stopped to have a party on the side of the interstate. At 199,999.99 we stopped on the side of the road, video taped the odometer and drove slowly that last 10th of a mile to 200,000. We then preceded to stop the van, get out and dance. After a quick dance session, I ended the celebration with some random old fireworks we had in the back of the van. I lit the fuse and threw it into a field. After some hefty explosions, a gnarly brush fire started up. Scared of the threat of arson charges, Blake and Aaron grabbed some Hawiian Punch and some sweet tea and braved the flames putting the fire to a quick stop.

We speedily drove off into the midnight to arrive in Dayton, Ohio, from where I am typing up this thrilling blog post. We play The Attic in Dayton tomorrow. Let's hope tomorrow is as crazy as the last couple days!!

Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention, I totally shot some roman candles at Damifino today while he was speeding around on a golf cart at his parents' house. One almost tagged his head. Sick. Random fact.

Until tomorrow, I bid you good day.

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