A Plea for PurgingAndy Atkins from A Plea for Purging is currently headlining the Tour Up From the Floor Up with Venia and Hundredth. He's taking some time out from a busy November schedule to document the insanity for Noisecreep.

As you can see I'm not the best at keeping up with internet-ly type things. I'm thinking my last blog post was something like 19 days ago. Insane right? Well, the life of a rocker is a crazy one. There is a lot going on that keeps one from blogging. I mean I've probably logged at least 400 hours of sleep in the 456 hours it's been since I last blogged. The other 56 hours were filled with rock 'n' roll antics only the finest of rockers could encounter. Let's recap shall we?

Let's see, the Tour Up From the Floor Up had some real highs and some real lows. We played some killer shows. Jacksonville, Fla. at The Murray Hill Theatre totally killed it. BBQ Fest at The 7 Venue in Georgia was awesome. A ton of our friends bands played.

Throughout the day, I got to see a ton of great bands and hang with the likes of Take It Back!, Thick as Blood, MyChildren MyBride, the great With Blood Comes Cleansing, as well as many others. Even my good bud Josh from the Chariot came out to hang tough. They may have made a stellar guest appearance in our set as well to get the kids all giddy, as well.

Some other hot spots on the tour were Cleveland, Tenn., which is a no brainer, because Tennessee always represents. The Channel in Greenville, S.C. was a good time. Hundredth killed it so hard at that show. I could've been fine with not even playing after that set. And I gotta say, my personal favorite of the tour had to be Venia's home town of Buffalo, Minn. The shows there are always so insane for us. I don't know why but in that little town of Minnesota we have become a stage dive band, and i'm totally stoked on it.

The last three shows we have played there we have beat our previous stage dive records. This particular time we recorded 390 stage dives during our set. 190 of them were in Malevolence. Haha. So sweet. I hope to break 500 stage dives next time we go back to Buffalo. I know those kids can do it.

We also had some low points on the tour. There were a few bummer shows. It happens. Not every show is gonna be the funnest show ever. Thats when you just have to be stoked on the brotherhood of dudes you're touring with and have a good time with them. I can remember a couple shows that were pretty slim, but with an audience full of TUFTFU dudes I was able to pull out the rock spirits for a good old jam fest. I really just like trying to make all the dudes on our tour laugh. Its my personal goal every night. I think I was successful on most nights.

We also had some mishaps on the tour. Run ins with the law. Pranks gone wrong. All the real juicy stuff I'll have to leave you hanging on. You know, can't say too much on the internet these days. But maybe you can dream up something even more exciting in your brains than what really happened. Just know real rockers get in rocker trouble.

We ended the TUFTFU tour two days ago. It was a sad day. No offence to any other bands we've toured with but i gotta say the Hundo/Venia/Plea combo was prob one of the funnest of all of our tours. I hope to do dates with both of those bands again in the future.

We are now making our way across the top of the country to the west to meet up with the DOOM tour. That means, snow, rain, wind, cold, cold, cold!!! I haven't figured out if that's gonna be awesome or depressing, but I'll be sure to keep you all posted on that as it happens.

I think the DOOM tour will be good times and have a lot of great things to share with you all.

Get ready for all of the good times.

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