A Plea for PurgingAndy Atkins from A Plea for Purging is currently headlining the Tour Up From the Floor Up with Venia and Hundredth. He's taking some time out from a busy November schedule to document the insanity for Noisecreep.

Searcy, Ark. Who? What? Where? I know! I've never heard of the place until today. It's a quaint town about an hour from Little Rock with a whopping population of 18,000! But you know what they say, good things come in small packages, right?

I gotta come right out and be honest, our show wasn't the biggest -- but it was a fun time. We played at a lazer tag arena. And yes, what you're thinking is correct. Free lazer tag!!!!

After the show, we had a thrilling tournament of lazer tag between Plea, Venia, and Hundredth. Sadly but surely this was the ranking: Hundo in first place, Venia taking the silver, Plea following up on the tail end.


I then crumbled up my scorecard (which stated I was in the lower bracket of players) and spouted off that I was in the headlining band, and I'm so cool! I really showed them who's boss.

Until tomorrow, I bid you good day and leave you with a picture of Blake 'Lady Fingers' Martin decked out in his armor of the lazer light techno war of 2009.

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