The phrase 'French black metal supergroup' seems like a contradiction in terms, but the members of five-piece Hell Militia have played in more bands collectively than everyone who has ever been in Megadeth. Just some of the former outfits of the Hell Militia men include: Malicious Secrets, Mütiilation, Od Sanctus, Satanicum Tenebrae, Vagézaryavtre, Arkhon Infaustus, Goatlord Corp., Temple of Baal, Love Lies Bleeding, Neo Inferno 262, Antaeus, Corpus Christi, Merrimack, Secrets of the Moon and Vorkreist.

We don't know how well that bodes for the longevity of these Parisian hellraisers, but the band's second full-length, 'Last Station on the Road to Death,' will be released April 30 on Debemur Morti Productions.

The disc was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sébastien Tuvi (ex-Aborted) at BST Studio. Tracks include 'The Pig That Became a God,' 'Et Inferno Ego,' 'Fili Diaboli,' the title track and a cover of the late GG Allin's 'Shoot Knife Strangle Beat & Crucify.'

Hell Militia formed in 1999 with the lineup of guitarist Persecutor (aka Torturer), bassist Hellsukkubus (aka LSK) and drummer Dave Terror. They were later joined by guitarist Arkdaemon (Temple of Baal) and vocalist Meynach (Mütiilation). They released their full-length debut, 'Canonisation of the Foul Spirit,' in 2005.

'Last Station on the Road to Death' track list

1. 'Always the Same'

2. 'Born Without Light'

3. 'Unshakable Faith'

4. 'Et Inferno Ego'

5. 'The Ultimate Deception'

6. 'Fili Diaboli'

7. 'Shoot Knife Strangle Beat & Crucify'

8. 'The Pig That Became a God'

9. 'Last Station on the Road to Death'

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