White Mice are sick -- and proud of it. The shadowy member who goes by the name Mouseeattoungue reflected on his fond Halloween memories, telling Noisecreep, "Our favorite night for 'grabassassination' -- that is -- grabbing ass in the dark. There are always hundreds of geese to goose, and it's like a full-time job," Mouseeattoungue said. "Our finest Halloweens have been playing in 2003 at the Pink Rabbit with Noxagt, Lightning Bolt, Wrangler Brutes, Rah Bras and many, many more incredible bands.

"Everyone was eating mushrooms, the floor nearly collapsed and it was totally bananas. All the years have been great, like the year we played with DMBQ and performed all Christmice songs. But last year, we helped present a surprise show with 26 bands in eight hours. About 15 of the bands did full cover sets of Black Flag, Steely Dan, Danzig, Nirvana, Fear, GG Allin, Swans. We performed as Flipper. It was so much fun, there were amazing performances, and hundreds of people partied hard all night."

The Mice plan to play their eighth anniversary party this Halloween, just like celebrating their birthday. "It will be keg stands and golden showers all night in another surprise blowout Halloween show in Providence, [R.I.]" Mouseeattoungue said. "Anonymouse is flying in from Chicago to play, and we hope everyone gets new sexy costumes for your dogs. And we will be playing drunken Bathory covers and smoking pumpkins before dawn. The drummer, Phallustturd Scrawleak, will dig up the roasted pig skull he buried two months ago, and we will be hanging a giant R.O.U.S. pinata and making a huge mess. As usual."

Be there... if you dare!

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