He is Legend singer Schuyler Croom has found a hobby he likes just as much -- maybe more than --music. "I like to cook a lot," Croom said during an interview with Noisecreep. "I really love to. That's the thing I love the most -- maybe a little more than music. I don't know if that's possible."

Growing up in North Carolina, Croom is obsessed with seafood. But one restaurant near his home and its quiche was near to his heart.

"I grew up on the beach, so I eat seafood like crazy," said Croom, who also goes by the name Schuyler Dane. "I like to cook with seafood a lot. Lately I've been making quiches. There was actually this little coffee shop down the street from my house that closed down. They made the best quiche. When they stopped, I was freaking out. I know quiche is simple, but theirs is perfect. I had to recreate it -- mushroom, bacon, spinach and roasted red pepper quiche. It was a menagerie of delicious items. I kind of had to figure out how to get that going."

Lately, Croom has been craving crab cakes, something that can be difficult to find on the road. Croom and his North Carolina-based bandmates guitarist Adam Tanbouz, bassist Matt Williams and drummer/percussionist Steven Bache are touring in support of its third album "It Hates You," due in stores July 21.

"Crab is my favorite food," Croom said. "Crab is that flavor that I crave, crab cakes. You never know what you're going to end up eating (on the road). You may find the most amazing little gem right down the street, or you may end up going to eat at Taco Bell. The Internet is taking over the world. It's easier to find these restaurants that you wouldn't normally know about. Little things like that help out.

"We were in Baltimore not too long ago. We went to Lexington Market. There's this old farmer's market-type deal in Baltimore and it's called Lexington Market, but there's this old fish market right there. This lady makes jumbo crab cakes. They're the size of softballs. Just literally huge crab cakes. We rolled in there I ended up spending $23 on my meal. You're standing up at a table eating crab cakes and hush puppies, but it's expensive if you're in a band. It really was worth it. It was the best crab cake I've ever had in my life. I went on a trek for months to find the best ones around (each of) my hotels."

But the band members aren't complete food snobs. Fans looking for He is Legend can try a nearby Denny's after a performance.

"We're all really stoked about breakfast food," Croom said. "We wake up in the morning and eat kind of a dinner-type meal. Our breakfast is always at night after the show. We're always at a Denny's or something. That's what we've got going on for us. I just love eggs. It's a toss up between crab and eggs. Omelets are just the best. They're filling."

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