Downtime between shows is enough to drive any band nuts. So He is Legend makes use of the time by sightseeing in nearly every city in which it plays.

"If we have any downtime at all, if we're not driving, we try to at least see what's cool around the city," said lead singer Schuyler Croom during an interview with Noisecreep. "You can get so burned out from being in the venue all day. It's like (the movie) 'Groundhog Day.' We try and go and see the cool things around, find some water. We're just trying to make it as much of a summer vacation as possible. It gets a little ridiculous, but we're doing a good job at maintaining the sane brain, I guess."

Croom and his North Carolina-based bandmates guitarist Adam Tanbouz, bassist Matt Williams and drummer/percussionist Steven Bache are touring in support of its third album "It Hates You," due in stores July 21.

"We've had some pretty long drives here recently, so we haven't had a lot of time to kind of kick it around," said Croom, who also goes by the name Schuyler Dane. "We walked all the way through Chicago to go get a cheeseburger at this place called Kuma's Corner. They name their cheeseburgers after heavy metal bands. We walked nine miles to go to that. We went through the middle of Chicago. We went through Grant Park. We did real touristy things there. We went to Lake Michigan because we were real close. We just want to spend as much time outside when it's nice."

Kuma's Corner, he said, is "very rock 'n' roll," naming burgers or sandwiches after the likes of Pantera, Pig Destroyer, Led Zeppelin and The Melvins.

"For the first couple of years they were open, they only had one burger, the Kuma's Original, a cheeseburger with a fried egg and bacon," Croom said. "After that, they started naming all their burgers after heavy metal groups, which is so rad. It was packed. We ended up walking 10 miles, and when we got there it was like a two-hour wait. We were just like, 'Shit.' It was amazing though. It was well worth the walk. I want them to overnight me a cheeseburger."

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