"We've often thought of re-recording 'Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire,''" Hatebreed's vocalist Jamey Jasta mused to Noisecreep. "But I wonder, is that a sacrilege?" While many bands revisit their past efforts, remixing and remastering them in order to clean them up so they sound better, since perhaps they were recorded cheaply for budgetary reasons or because current technological advancements weren't available at the time, yet shouldn't prevent such albums from enjoying the benefits in the here and now. Whatever the case, it's a seed of an idea that diehard Hatebreed and HxCx fans would support.

"I liked when Testament and Warzone did it, so we'll see what happens," the former MTV2 'Headbanger's Ball' host said. When mentioning that the album's twelfth anniversary is in November of this year, Jasta said, "Maybe we wait until fifteenth anniversary to re-record it, so we can feel really old!"

While Hatebreed have been causing moshpit carnage for over a decade, the band retains its youthful aplomb, and not just because Jasta himself is so baby-faced! The band is currently recording its next album at Planet Z, which is tentatively set for an October release. Jasta made a large statement about the effort, which will be be released by E1, saying, "We hope to top 'Perseverance.'" That album was the band's most commercially successful release and Jasta supported his statement by hinting at how the album will sound. "It's definitely hard as hell and there isn't a lot of sludgy doomy stuff from my Kingdom of Sorrow experience," the vocalist says, referring to 08s side project with Crowbar's Kirk Windstein.

"A couple things may be vocally similar, but it's the upbeat, aggressive approach that we always take. Everyone stepped up their game with the covers record and that challenged us to match the intensity and speed, and to do solos. This will be our first record with guitar solos. We're not known for that. Wayne [Lozniak] is a shredder and that will surprise some people but it's not overdone."