Georgian Skull's 'The Funeral' is a nasty, blasty dirge that could easily be used in a metallic funeral procession. It'll certainly alter your state of mind if you listen to it loud enough, which is what Noisecreep suggests that you do.

"The Funeral is one of the heaviest songs I've ever written," Al "Yeti" Bones of Georgian Skull told Noisecreep. "I can sum it up as a strange mixture of Black Sabbath's acid riffs, Led Zeppelin's hard rock approach and Thin Lizzy's melodic taste. A metal monster in its own way."

Listen to 'The Funeral'

Sabbath? Zeppelin? Lizzy? All rolled into one? Yep, sounds about right. Check out this exclusive premiere of Georgian Skull's 'The Funeral,' which appears on 'Mother Armageddon, Healing Apocalypse.' Blow out your speakers by playing it so loud the neighbors complain.

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