Using the timeless punk rock theme of overcoming adversity, New York hardcore monsters Full Blown Chaos and Noisecreep present the track 'Rise & Conquer' from their new, self-titled album. "Rise & Conquer is more than a song, but an anthem," vocalist Ray Mazzola told Noisecreep. "For those that work their asses off in life, in hope to reap the benefits of it just to have some obstacle present itself."

In between the stomping snare intro and the last ringing power chord that end the tracks, Mazzola verbally beats down adversity and negativity. "We have worked so hard and invested so much into everything we do," Mazzola explained further, "that we will not let any outside influences or negativity stifle our momentum and forward progress."

Listen to 'Rise & Conquer'

He continued, "Negativity in any form that we are confronted with will be pushed aside. If not, we will tear it to f---ing pieces for getting in the way. This song mirrors our feelings. You'll never hold me down."

'Full Blown Chaos' is out Feb. 1 from Ironclad Recordings, and the band will be supporting Malevolent Creation on a US tour shortly thereafter.

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