One of the perils of young metal bands is the issue of practice space. Some of us who have been in bands in our younger years have had the benefit of our parents' basement or shed, but when it's time to fly the nest it's also time to find your own room for rehearsal.

Drummers face challenges by themselves, as practice alone makes enough of a disturbing racket. "If I'm playing drums in the house," explains For Today drummer David Morrison. "The dogs would freak out, the housemates would not be happy, the neighbors would complain."

The simple solution lies in modern technology. "I bought [an electronic drumset] last fall when we did a headlining tour with Too Pure To Die and Wrenchintheworks... I had to trade out a cymbal. They had an electronic drum set and I was like, 'Man, I've always wanted one.' It was expensive; it was all the money I had to my name."

Not only was he able to practice in peace, David was able to get his money's worth other ways. "Some of the parts [for 'Portraits'] were written on it, because you can record on the set."

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