Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

The third annual Scream the Prayer tour will kick off its third year of rocking and worshiping on June 30 at Cornerstone in Illinois. It is the premiere faith-based hard rock/metal tour and boasts a lineup so tough it could force even the most seasoned, UFC veteran to tap out. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster will headline along with For Today. Other tourmates include A Plea for Purging, Hundreth, Blessed by a Broken Heart and Crimson Armada.

In preparation for this Jesus-friendly tour, Noisecreep polled the bands performing on what new songs/merch we can look forward to; what tourmates they will check out; what the tour means to them; and since touring is a crucial summertime activity, we had to ask what these rockers loved doing when they were wee lads. I learned that pillowcases and hot sauce will be for sale -- and that booty shorts will be, too. Some dudes lived for Pop-Ice popsicles and Power Ranger role playing! There's an eclectic group of dudes here.

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster's Chad Huff

New Stuff: "We will definitely have new merch, but also some older designs will be brought back. We are planning to do a couple songs off the new record, and possibly a cover song."

Tourmates to Check Out: "Every band I'm sure. I love hearing new music and seeing new bands perform."

What STP Means: "We are glad to be part of it because it features a lot of great bands, all spreading a great message to kids and fans."

Summertime Activity: "It was definitely going to the beach with my family. I always tried to find weird shells and sand dollars."

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster's Dallas Taylor

New Stuff: "We are going to try and add some new elements to our live show. We just want to make it very entertaining for the crowd. We will also be playing some songs that we have never played before."

Tourmates to Check Out: "I hope to watch all the bands on the tour. It will be great to check out a lot of new music. I think it is going to be one of those tours that all the members of the bands will grow pretty close together. I hope to make a lot of great relationships on this tour."

Summertime Activity: "Swimming in horse troughs -- the big tanks that horses would drink out of. Not really swimming -- more like a trashy hot tub. I would always get crazy rashes from those places. Also having BB gun fights and cow crap fights. Good memories."

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster's Matt Clark

New Stuff: "We are really going to focus on a memorable show that will have people talking: amped up energy, lights and effects, crowd participation. Merch-wise, we'll have a few new designs for shirts, posters, trucker hats and our very own Maylene habanero hot sauce for sale."

Tour Mates to Check Out: "I'll be checking all the bands out as much as possible."

What STP Means: "A good time to me!"

Summertime Activity: "Two things for me: going swimming at a place called Crystal Springs near where I live and anything that didn't involve school."

Crimson Armada's Saud Ahmed:

New Stuff?:
"We'll also be playing a cover song! We're pretty certain everyone will know all the words to the cover song by heart."

Tourmates to Check Out: "For Today, the Color Morale, and In the Midst of Lions. All three of these bands put on an amazing live show and will be playing some new material on the tour. We're all real stoked to see how kids react to their new stuff."

What STP Means: "It's not only a tour where we get to play music every night, but all the bands get to grow together in fellowship."

Summertime Activity: "LARPing as either Power Rangers, Street Sharks or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." For those of you who don't what 'LARPing' is, Ahmed said, "It stands for 'live action role play.' Pretty much, you run around and act like whatever the theme is. Who wouldn't want to live out a battle between the Red Ranger, Shredder and Slammu? Sorry to anyone who didn't grow up in the '90s. You guys really missed out."

Scream the Prayer Tour dates

7/2 -- Nashville, TN -- Rockettown

7/3 -- Charlotte, NC -- Amos

7/4 -- Douglasville, GA -- The 7 Venue

7/5 -- Orlando, FL -- Lyrica

7/6 -- Jacksonville, FL -- Murray Hill Theatre

7/7 -- Birmingham, AL -- The Vineyard

7/8 -- Pensacola, FL -- American Legion

7/9 -- Houston, TX -- The Warsaw

7/10 -- San Antonio, TX -- White Rabbit

7/11 -- Dallas, TX -- The Door

7/12 -- Tulsa, OK -- The Marquee

13 -- Memphis, TN -- The Arbor

7/14 -- Louisville, KY -- Headliners

7/16 -- Willmar, MN -- Sonshine Festival

7/17 -- Omaha, NE -- Grace University

7/18 -- St Louis, MO -- Firebird

7/20 -- Albuquerque, NM -- Sunshine Theatre

7/22 -- Las Vegas, NV -- The Farm

7/23 -- San Diego, CA -- Epicenter

7/24 -- Pomona, CA -- Glasshouse

7/25 -- Orangevale, CA -- Club Retro

7/27 -- Seattle, WA -- Studio Seven

7/31 -- Denver, CO -- Heavenfest

8/3 -- Dayton, OH -- The Attic

8/5 -- Gilford, NH -- Soulfest

8/6 -- Vineland, NJ -- Hangar 84

8/7 -- Allentown, PA -- Crocodile Rock

8/8 -- Baltimore, MD -- Sonar

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