If you ask anyone born after 1996 and beyond, they'll probably tell you that all music is supposed to be free, but that's not how it used to work all ye of the iPod and download generation. That's why we still get excited about a free label sampler, like the spring 2010 Facedown Records offering.

The sampler is 13 tracks strong -- with each track from a different band signed to Facedown proper, as well as the label's up-and-comer imprint Strike First Records, which is the label that new bands sign to and develop under, before being upstreamed to Facedown. It's all branches of the same tree. Facedown is a Christian label, proving that worship music doesn't need to be wimpy; in fact, making a joyful noise in praise of God certainly works when it's set to heavy riffs and throaty growls.

Further upping the sampler's cool quotient is the selection of music, such as unreleased tracks from War of Ages, A Hope for Home, Wrench in the Works and Letter to the Exiles. Other featured bands include For Today, Impending Doom, Onward to Olympas, Sleeping Giant, A Plea for Purging and more.

To download your copy, go to the sampler's free download page, enter your email address (which gets you on the Facedown mailing list) and make sure to enter code 'Facedown' and violá! You've got music.

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