Take a listen to 'Enemy,' a brand new track from animal activists and hardcore/metal warriors First Blood. The song appears on the band's latest, 'Silence is Betrayal,' which is out today. The track is an anthemic fist-pumper, and it clocks in at under three minutes, so it's an efficient exercise in moshy metal with a chugga-chug breakdown.

"In full First Blood fashion, along with the release of our new album, I cannot stress the message enough that if we choose to say and do nothing, then nothing will change," vocalist Carl Schwartz told Noisecreep, expressing the band's ire at social ails. "And the criminals of this world will have no reason to stop the cycle of lies and deceit that cause so much suffering and misery."

Listen to 'Enemy'

Schwartz continued, "We cannot live in fear of organizing and facing consequences so that people can become a undeniable, counteracting force against the greedy forces that are destroying this world. To the ones you love, to all innocent life, to humanity, and to the world ... 'Silence Is Betrayal'!"

Once you hear the terror-inducing riffs on this song, you'll realize you don't want to be First Blood's enemy.

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