Role playing and fantasy games like 'World of Warcraft' aren't too far removed from a band like Finntroll. The band has a bit of a fantasy, otherworldly element to it, fusing metal and folk and a troll-like look. "Half of the band have been playing 'World of Warcraft' for years," keyboardist Trollhorn told Noisecreep. "We raid, do arenas and idle in Dalaran amongst other very cool and nerdish things. And yes, we even role play!

"So make sure you didn't just gank a Finntroll member on your way to Wintergrasp! Then again, you propably failed on that anyway. Scrub!" Ah, those Finntroll boys. Always kidding around and being ironic.

Even though the band members love their role playing and fantasy elements, the fact that they've switched out members many times in the course of their history isn't something that hampers the band. "It's only effecting us positively. It only took us that whole nine years to find the perfect lineup, which you are now witnessing," Trollhorn said. "Everyone who has been in the band has been influential to our sound. Some more, some less -- yet since Virta and Vreth joined the band, we've never felt so 'team' like now. We all are here to stay!"

Amen to that. Finntroll's latest album, 'Nifelvind.' is in stores March 9.

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