Trollhorn -- yes, Trollhorn, what do you expect from a band called Finntroll, after all? -- and his band perform the lyrics of their songs in the Swedish tongue, even though the band is from Finland, where Finnish is the native language. All told, the band doesn't fear that the use of a foreign language will impede English-speaking listeners from fully absorbing the music.

"We feel that every song isn't complete without the lyrics, so if the fans won't bother to see what's going on, they will sadly miss a huge portion of the package," Trollhorn told Noisecreep. "The lyrics are extremely important to the songs, and thus we are always taking care that the English translations [can be] found either in the booklet or on the Internet."

The band, despite the obvious, doesn't care to be categorized as either a metal or a folk band, even though Finntroll play folk-infused metal. "We prefer to be considered as Finntroll," Trollhorn said. "We sure are a metal band with folkish overtones, yet we complete the package with classical, ethnic and even industrial music. 'Steampunk metal band' might suit us the best right now, but only the Gods know what we will do next."

Finntroll's latest, 'Nifelvind,' is everything fans have come to know and love about the 'Troll, and it's out March 9. "'Nifelvind,' being the cold breath grasping your neck from the Underworld, is the epitome of all things crooked up," the keyboardist said. "Cooked as well! Add a hint of absinthe, mix the sauce with lime and pepper and hurl towards your nearest enemy!"

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