Due to their "unique, dark blend of traditional Finnish hoe-down music and folky black metal," Century Media executives are more than happy to welcome Finntroll -- easily one of the best nom de plume's in metal -- to the label roster. Finntroll's first official album for Century Media will be released next year. The band and label had previously enjoyed a licensing relationship.

In a statement, Finntroll said, "We're most enthusiastic to announce our signing with Century Media Records. We decided to continue our long co-op with CM, since Finntroll felt it's time to work directly with Century Media as we have all the trust with them and they have never let us down in the past. Our new album will be released worldwide in early 2010, and with that said, we're going to do some heavy touring that's gonna start in February in Europe. After that, we're going to sail across the ocean to North America."

Keep those borders open for Finntroll!

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