Every Time I Die's 'New Junk Aesthetic' is like a nuclear warhead aimed at synthetic bands, like Attack Attack! "That genre is so easy to pick on," guitarist Andy Williams told Noisecreep. "It's another manufactured thing. Those kids sat there and instead of making original music, they heard what was popular and thought, 'That's what we'll sound like.' It's vocoders, synthesizers and mosh parts. You can't mix a million different things, and I am using them as an example. It's the same thing over and over and no one is doing anything different. They all look identical and don't know what they sound like.

"I can't tell you the difference between the Maine from Attack Attack! I am not talking s---, and I am not hating, but I am calling them out. It blows my mind since that sound is so big, and I am thinking they must be doing something right. But then I realize that I know what it is. It's just kids going, 'OK, this looks cool and sounds cool, so I will do it again.'"

So, as to be expected, 'New Junk Aesthetic' is completely trend, vocoder and synth free. It's the influential Buffalo band's fifth record -- and first for Epitaph -- and Williams is psyched to even be here still. While he despises the 'mixcore' he just talked about, he is also his own critic.

"I never thought we would make a record, period," he laughed. "It blows my mind every time we do something. None of us are tired of it. I find myself listening to this record, outside of critiquing it. When I listen to 'Gutter Phenomenon' and 'The Big Dirty,' I think, 'There is s--- on them I wish I did differently.' I don't feel that way about this record."

'New Junk Aesthetic' is noisy and gnarly, just like ETID fans have come to expect.