Deftones' bassist Chi Cheng died over the weekend at age 42, after being in a vegetative state for several years.

Cheng had been under constant medical care since 2008, when he was seriously injured in a car accident in which he was ejected from a vehicle that flipped several times.

Cheng underwent brain surgery and was left in a coma following the incident. He reportedly emerged from the coma at times, although he never regained full consciousness. His situation had improved as recently as February 2012, when he was reportedly in a partially conscious state, able to move certain portions of his body, even though he never fully regained speech or full command of his body.

An uncut, almost eight-minute interview that Cheng conducted with Artisan News has been circulating online. Remember the musician by watching it below.

Watch Chi Cheng Interview

Every Time I Die's performance at The Jamboree in Toledo, Ohio on Saturday, April 13 was cut short by gunfire. Shots discharged while the band was performing. No one was harmed.

The band issued a tweet via their official Twitter handle, which read as follows: "We apologize to everyone at jamboree that stuck around only to see our set cut short. when guns are involved there is a venue protocol. maintaining safety while trying to avoid a panic riot is a tightrope walk that not many have practiced. we hope that everyone is safe."

Singer Keith Buckley also weighed in, saying, "I wont use tonights event to push an agenda.I'll just say that the social contract our community honors was broken by the ONE. not the many."

The Devil's Blood are disbanding --cue the shaking of fists and gnashing of teeth, since we're bummed- but not before they release a new album. How generous of them to go out with a release. They will issue the seven song III: Tabula Rasa or Death and the Seven Pillars on April 30 (via iTunes); on May 28 (via all other digital platforms, like Amazon); and on June 11 (on CD and vinyl). It will serve as their final full-length. You can listen to "White Storm of Teeth" here.

"Prior to our disbanding on the 22nd of January 2013, we had been active with the pre-production of what was to be our third album," guitarist SL said. "Seven songs, the complete outline of the album, had been, in humble form, recorded in my home recording studio and these demos were supposed to be the template for our studio recordings. Obviously, we would never make it that far and the initial shock of that fact saddened us greatly. After but a few days, we listened to this material again and decided that even though the audio quality might not be what people have come to expect from a The Devil's Blood release, the song material was and is the best we have ever done. We came to the conclusion that these songs deserve to become a part of The Canon and that we would release them as is."


Soilwork are seeking collectible and promotional items from the A Predator's Portrait era. The band posted the following ask to fans: "Hey Soilwork fans! We're looking for memorabilia from A Predator's Portrait, circa 2001. If you happen to be in possession of live photos, posters, flyers, concert tickets, articles, ads, etc. from that era, please scan and email them to along with your first and last name. All of us in Soilwork thank you in advance! Cheers!" If you might have some of this stuff, dig through your archives and send them along, fans!

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