This news won't upset our pals at Metal Sucks. Attack Attack! have split. The band posted a note on its Facebook page about the beginning of the end, which includes a final tour. They are bummed to put an end to their electronically-influenced metalcore band, but felt it was time.

The update appears to have been posted by AA!'s Andrew Wetzel.

"Well everyone, it's been a wild ride for Attack Attack, but I think it's about time Whiting and I take some time to write this note.

We want to start by thanking every single one of you that has ever come out to a show, bought a shirt, gotten in a fight over crabcore, or spent the time to send us notes online. We have been insanely blessed to be able to do what we have done with AA and we think it's time that we wrap up this chapter in our lives.

Yes, this means exactly what you think it means. The Back in Action Tour will be Attack Attack's final and most ironic tour.

After 6 long years of playing in garages, VFW halls, clubs, open air festivals, and everything in-between. We've decided it is time to lay AA down for good.

You are all beautiful, wonderful people, and we want you to know that we deeply appreciate everything you have done for us.

We are sad to lay Attack Attack to rest, but are very excited for what is next in this new chapter of our lives.

Stay Tuned!!!

Much love,

The Andrews" [Facebook]

Watch 'Stick Stickly' Video from Attack Attack!

Henry Rollins
guested on an episode of The Gorburger Show, which is part of the Warner Sound and presented by Funny or Die. In the episode, the one and only Hank discusses his career, the act of smiling and his issues with the U.S. government. He then assists Gorburger in tracking down a ghost that is haunting the studio. That ghost better be scared of ol' Hank. We've seen his neck; he's chokeproof! In case you're not familiar with The Gorburger Show, comedian TJ Miller voices Gorburger, an alien monster who has usurped the hosting gig on a Japanese talk show.

Watch The Gorburger Show - Henry Rollins

Machine Head have wrapped auditions for the temporary bassist they need to replace longtime but departed rhythm keeper Adam Duce for this summer's Mayhem trek.

Below is the band's update on the process.

"Auditions are officially over, and Machine Head would like to thank each and every person for their YouTube submissions as part of the bass/vocal auditioning process. A lot of hard work and effort went into each and every submission, with many people bravely making them public for the whole world to see and judge both their singing and playing, mostly fairly. It took a lot of brass to do that and we earned an even greater respect for our fans in doing so. There are some incredible musicians out there, fantastic players who unfortunately did not make an attempt to sing, and thus were ineligible, but you should absolutely keep at it! In fact, in the course of these submissions, it looks like many people have earned a lot fans in doing so.


We will now begin the process of having our top picks come down and jam with us in person, and get a feel for each other, both musically and on a personal level. We have posted this reply on our websites as many submissions came via YouTube with no way for us to reply to them directly, so in order for all people to see it we felt this was the most effective.

On a final note, many of the men and women who sent in YouTube clips performing, did so with the utmost passion and intensity, but of all the submissions, this man deserves a special mention. He learned and played not only the hardest song of the submission 'This Is the End', but played it with only ONE HAND. It moved some of us to tears, it took a lot of heart to do this, cheers Frank Memolo."

A Skylit Drive are in the studio working on their new album. They hit a studio in Cleveland last week to track two songs that will appear on the record, due out via Tragic Hero. "I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent in Cleveland with producer Jim Wirt," says vocalist Michael "Jag" Jagmin. "It's a nice change of pace writing with someone outside of the band. We're used to writing our albums completely secluded locked away in a practice spot somewhere. Including someone as knowledgeable as Jim into the mix has been a great benefit for us."

The band will return to Cleveland to write more songs after their gig in the Philippines for the PULP Summer Slam '13.

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