The year started with Every Time I Die splitting up following a spat with frontman Keith Buckley, but the end of the year could be the start of a path forward for some of the remaining members. Guitarist Jordan Buckley posted video from a recording studio that shows several members of the group working together again.

The string of Instagram slides primarily centers on Every Time I Die drummer Clayton "Goose" Holyoak tracking drums with producer Will Putney manning the studio production board. Meanwhile, one of the other slides appears to show bassist Stephen Micciche hanging out as well, which would put at least three members of the band seemingly currently working together. It is not known if guitarist Andy Williams is involved in the current project.

Along with video and photos of the studio set up, including their studio snacks, Buckley offered up a blog post detailing Day 1 of their current project. "We fucked around and found out. We even found out and THEN fucked around. This was the day I had to visualize in order to get myself out of bed during all the months that depression was both big and little spoon. I am so very grateful and thankful to have another opportunity to make music with and for people I love. My shoulder strap now has a chip on it, and since I haven’t been able get it off yet I might as well use it for motivation," he wrote.

The guitarist continued, "We need as much as we can get since this whole operation is being self funded. Scary shit in this economy, but we believe in ourselves and each other so we’ll definitely be onstage asap as possible. Maybe you’ll be there. If so, thank you. You’re gonna fucking love our songs. Thoughts become things, and I can’t stop thinking about you stage diving to these nasty ass drum fills @gooseshoes has been laying down!"

The Buffalo native then signed off with the closing thoughts, "Peace and love peace and love. Go Bills."

Trouble within the Every Time I Die camp began to present itself publicly in December of 2021, when the band posted that singer Keith Buckley would be taking a break from the road to focus on his mental health, which led Buckley to then head to social media where he revealed an estrangement from the rest of his band.

The group played their annual TID the Season holiday show, but tensions remained and in January of 2022 the group split, citing a lack of communication with the vocalist. In February, the vocalist returned to the road for some solo shows in the U.K.

While Every Time I Die's split was a blow, guitarist Jordan Buckley answered a fan's question on Twitter in January offering some hope of a future with the remaining members. When a fan commented, "Please keep going with at least the four of you," the guitarist replied, "That's the plan. I hope I never stop getting in a room with these 3 to write rippers."

He later told another fan on Twitter, "We have figured a way forward. One foot in front of the other for now. Im so disappointed about all the cancelations and that we couldn’t tour on Radical over there. I was really siked about that Bronx run."

As for the new post above, it finds the former Every Time I Die members starting to work at GCR Audio studio in Buffalo with Will Putney handling production. Putney remains one of the most in-demand producers in metal. He played guitar for Fit for an Autopsy between 2008-2017 and continued to provide session work for the band over the last three years.

His producing resume includes albums for such acts as Body Count, Thy Art Is Murder, Knocked Loose, Stray From the Path, Norma Jean, Like Moths to Flames and yes, he also was behind the board for Every Time I Die's most recent albums, 2021's Radical and 2016's Low Teens, so there is an established history and comfort level with the members of the band.

While no song titles were revealed, the Instagram slide show did provide a white board noting some musical instruction concerning what the band planned to work on. It has also not been revealed who will be handling vocals within this new incarnation of their new project. Stay tuned, as more updates will likely bring further insight into what the former ETID members are putting together.

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