Popular fast food chain Wendy's is renowned for being absolute savages on Twitter and they're pretty in touch with the modern rock and metal scene, which made for some prime 'National Roast Day' burns of Lamb of God, Underoath, We Came As Romans and others.

Whoever is running the company's Twitter account has grilled more bands than Wendy's has grilled burgers and that trend continued on the annual day in which they extended an invite to the whole of the internet to be roasted by this savvy, clever admin.

Lamb of God got in on the action and commented, "Let's hear it," to which Wendy's replied with a diss about the band's age and said, "My dad really dug your stuff."

Ouch. It's not so much hurtful that Wendy's took a shot at the band's music being for parents — metal's most venerated acts have all been around for a couple decades or more — but that dad at one point was into Lamb of God and is apparently not anymore.

Symphonic deathcore group Winds of Plague, who last released Blood of My Enemy in 2017, also tweeted, "Let's hear it," and Wendy's fired back, "Something no one has said about your music since 2009," going back to the band's second album, The Great Stone War. Current Lamb of God drummer Art Cruz actually played on that album as well as 2011's Against the World and Blood of My Enemy.

In response, Winds of Plague laughed it off and said, "Haha fair."

Underoath, who will release their new album Voyeurist tomorrow (Jan. 14), requested to be roasted too and Wendy's put the band's new material in their crosshairs. "New stuff sounds like my little brother trying to cuss for the first time," remarked the fast food giant.

Not wanting to miss out after seeing Underoath get torched, We Came as Romans invited Wendy's to do their best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) and they quipped "Really searching, seeking, reaching for relevance huh?" in reference to the band's To Plant a Seed track "Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always."

Fearless Records, home to bands such as August Burns Red, Motionless in White, Pierce the Veil, Set It Off, Tonight Alive, As It Is and more, dared Wendy's to roast them and they got what they asked for as they were asked, "Aren't you running out of bands that sound like MGK?"

See a couple more band roasts below and a shoutout to The PRP for rounding up these roasts.

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