Most fledgling musicians, artists and writers struggle for at least a little while before making it big. For others, part of the success is the struggle. California rockers Endeverafter are loving both the success and the struggle ... and they wouldn't have it any other way.

"I think that struggle is all part of what makes us a good band," vocalist and lead guitarist Michael Grant of Endeverafter tells Noisecreep. "If you think about all the bands that are incredibly successful, sometimes they actually struggle even more to create something special, to appreciate the silence and solace, experiencing the sweet, you know? It's been an uphill battle since the conception of the band."

Does this mean the four guys that comprise Endeverafter would rather be obscure than household names? Of course not. The appreciation of the struggle just gives the band a little extra push toward success, all the while remaining grounded in reality.

"When there's a struggle, it's so much more easy to appreciate things that other people take for granted, " Grant said. "If we get on a tour, we're ecstatic. We had two singles on the radio [and] we were flipping out. I have friends in bands who have singles on the radio all the time and they're like 'Yeah, it's alright. It's only number 10.' I can't help but think, 'Wow, you really can't stop and smell the roses and see that's a blessing?' I think that our struggling sort of safeguards us from becoming douchebags."

Endeverafter released their debut 'Kiss or Kill' in 2007. The band is currently writing songs for their sophomore release.

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