When Endeverafter first burst onto the music scene, many critics didn't quite know how to peg them. The band is young and modern with a lot of classic '80s glam elements. This means the four guys in Endeverafter have toured with quite a few '80s metal acts like Cinderella and Poison ... and played a slew of dates with modern bands like Trapt and Fuel. This dichotomy is something Endeverafter's singer and guitarist Michael Grant considers from time to time – especially as the band enters the studio to record a follow-up to debut 'Kiss or Kill.'

"I think there's gonna be a level of cohesion between the first and second record, but ultimately, it will be different," Grant explains to Noisecreep. "The reason being is because Tommi [Andrews, bass], Eric [Humbert, drums], Kristan [Mallory, guitar] and I are not the same people we were in 2006 and 2005. It's now 2009 and we've all grown as musicians and as people. It would be foolish to say we're going to create another album that's similar [to 'Kiss or Kill'] because it's impossible. None of us is in the same places in our lives. Everyone's done their own growing and learning and living and experiencing ... and I think that's going to show through in this album."

Grant doesn't want to alienate fans into thinking Endeverafter has completely changed their sound. Instead, he hopes fans will appreciate the band's maturity and ability to take educated risks.

"This new album is going to explore new territory, new ideas, new fields and influences," Grant said. "We're going into this with a lot more knowledge and a lot more passion and a lot more drive and a lot more conviction. I think it's gonna be really interesting to see how that all unfolds. Literally, it would be impossible for us to say 'Yea, it's gonna sound just like 'Kiss or Kill.' I wouldn't want to do that as a songwriter."

Endeverafter hope to release their new album this summer.

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