California's Easter -- which includes Anti founder Danny Dean -- started making pop punk in 1984. They toured the world and had music videos on MTV. In the mid '90s, they stopped making music. New York's Easter did not know this when they started their band in 2006.

"They had the name first, we fully admit! We found that out upon receipt of a b----y MySpace note from them," drummer Jonathan Gil told Noisecreep. At the time, the band had only played one show and started the MySpace page to try out the name.

"The threatening tone pissed us off though. So we thought: F--- it, that's the name. The guys with the pomade can screw [off]. The funny thing is, Don and I are both pretty sick of the name! So who knows, maybe they'll sue us and we won't be able to use the name anymore," Gil theorized. "Perfect!"

Until their name is revoked, you should check out the New Yorker's self-released album 'Molt' -- which was recorded by Jason LaFarge of Hallux. And if you're lucky enough to run into Gil at a show, ask him for a copy.

"I seem to always have a couple semi-scratched ones in my bookbag," Gil said.

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