Dick Delicious and The Tasty Testicles have been dishing out their outrageous brand of punk and metal ever since the early '90s. Even though the band hasn't inked a deal with one of the bigger labels, it has built a respectable fanbase through a series of self-released albums, EPs, and numerous DIY tours.

In the years since they formed, DDTT have certainly had their share of setbacks. Drug-related arrests and lineup issues have derailed the group, but Dick Delicious always seems to find a way to bounce back even tougher. After breaking up in the early 2000's, the band reunited in 2007 to play at the AVN Awards in Las Vegas. The performance was a huge success, and the group began to tour again.

In early 2010, the band began recording their fourth studio album while traveling back and forth between Atlanta and Los Angeles. The new record features new member Ruyter Suys (also of Nashville Pussy) and guest appearances from Brent, Troy and Bill from Mastodon, and Kevin Sharp from Brutal Truth.

Noisecreep recently asked Dick Delicious to give us his recollections from the day his band won the first (and only) Howard Stern Award for Excellence in Music.

Dick Delicious, in his own words:

"Winning that award was a highlight for me. It was 2002. Every morning for a couple weeks my phone would start ringing over and over again at around 7-8 AM. I was always asleep, so I never answered it. When I finally did check the messages, it was friends from up north: 'Hey man, Howard Stern is playing you guys' song 'Diarrhea' every day on the morning show. This was back when Howard was still on terrestrial radio. We didn't get it in Atlanta, the buckle of the Bible Belt. Apparently, Howard's fans had been calling in and requesting the song. So after this went on for a few weeks, I wrote an email to Howard thanking him for playing us and telling him if he ever wanted us on the show we'd be happy to come down with strippers in tow.

The next day he read my email on the air. I called the show and they asked when we'd be in the area -- fortunately, we'd be touring in the tri-state area in the next few months so we booked a date.

We arrived in New York the afternoon before and, naturally, began drinking. Around 1AM, we faced a critical decision: try to get some sleep in preparation for the biggest radio show in the country, or pull an all-nighter? Naturally, we chose the latter. The next question: what kind of drugs should we do? I figured there was nothing worse than listening to some people talk all gacked out on coke, so at around 3AM a buddy of mine met us at Scores strip club with a box a teddy bear graham crackers dipped in acid. We were already completely drunk.

We had to be at the studio at 6AM, so we kept drinking and eating the crackers. We didn't think the crackers were 'working' so we kept taking more, but by the time we made it to the Stern studio we were peaking. We had no idea why they wanted us on the show -- for all we knew, he was looking to roast us, but we wound up receiving the Howard Stern Award for Excellence in Music, and to this day, we are the only band to be bestowed that honor.

When we went on air, I was having a hallucination that Howard Stern was the crypt keeper from the old 'Tales from the Crypt' TV show. We are usually pretty funny naturally, but I think we were so high on acid that we weren't on our A-game from a comedic level. Still, I am certain we were the most f---ed up guests they'd ever had on the show. Courtney Love has nothing on Dick D.

[Former Stern Show on-air sidekick] Artie Lang said that we seemed like the kind of people he'd like to spend a weekend with."

Watch the band's performance at the 2007 AVN Awards in Las Vegas (NSFW)

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