Despised Icon

Modern day death metallers -- they don't like the 'death core' tag and they told us so when they visited our offices -- Despised Icon enlightened American metalheads about the holiday in their country. Yes, they celebrate Halloween. But they're not super duper Halloweenheads! Guitarist Ben Landreville told Noisecreep, "We usually throw a big party and dress up and get stupid."

Vocalist Alex Erian copped to being a little less jazzed about costuming, saying, "I am that really boring guy who doesn't dress up at the party. I don't care." We're sure that he's probably wearing some form of Montreal Expos baseball cap, however, since he is rarely seen without one!

"We miss out on parties on the holiday because of touring, so we are in a random city on most Halloweens," Erian said. "Maybe we should do the whole mustache thing, right?"

Despised Icon's 'Day of Mourning' is out now.

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