Another week down and another week of decent sales! Story of the Year scanned 14,000 records with 'Constant,' while Carnifex moved over 3,000 units in just a week on the shelves. Brand newbians Chelsea Grin also moved 1,500 pieces in their first week, which is very healthy for a brand new buzz band on the scene.

Anima, 'Enter the Killzone' (Metal Blade): Suit up with armor when you enter this killzone. Anima have a lock on deathcore: bree (we like this word) vocal squeals, tons and tons of blast beats and bits of groove. Certainly recommended if you like Suicide Silence, Despised Icon and a total sonic assault on all of your puny senses. 'Incarceration' and 'C--- & Twist' will give you vertigo, thanks to their intensity.

The Bled, 'Heat Fetish' (Rise): Arizona's the Bled were one of the earliest prototypes of screamy metalcore before they faded a bit off the scene's radar for a handful of years. They're back in full effect with a new lineup (only the singer and guitarist remain from the last album's lineup) and the blazing 'Heat Fetish,' a tense and tinny, push and pull collection of moshy ragers that remind us of why we liked them so much in the first place. There's also some uncharacteristically moody moments, like 'Need New Conspirators' that we like as much as 'Mouthbreather.' BTW, this comes out next week, but we wanted to spotlight it early, since next week is a packed release week.

Cancer Bats, 'Sabotage' EP (Good Fight): Canada's Cancer Bats are going digital with this two song EP, featuring 'Scared To Death' and their take on the Beastie Boys' classic, 'Sabotage.' The Bats impress with their punkdafied version of the frat boy anthem. They switch tempos enough to make it sound like it's their own song, instead of lamely attempting a note-for-note copy, while their original tune is a gnarly, noisy, push 'n' pull nail biter. These songs are from their forthcoming release 'Bears, Mayors, Scraps and Bones.'

Various Artists, 'God of War: Blood & Metal' EP (Roadrunner): Roadrunner offers a digital-only EP featuring its artists. Dream Theater's instrumental track 'Raw Dog,' Killswitch Engage's 'My Obsession,' Trivium's 'Shattering the Skies Above,' Taking Dawn's 'This Is Madness,' Opeth's 'The Throat of Winter' and Mutiny Within's 'The End' were all written exclusively for this EP which accompanies the bazillion-selling video game. A must for video game geeks who are also headbangers, so for gamers and bangers!

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