The genre of rap rock isn't new, but it isn't exactly common for an artist to make the leap from hardcore rap to metal, either. Enter singer and lyricist Richy Nix, a Detroit-area rap/metal hybrid. From humble beginnings of playing with beats and earning a name for himself around Michigan, Nix earned a coveted slot on Universal Record's talent roster. His EP, 'Note to Self' was released in February.

"I was definitely on the grind," Nix admits to Noisecreep. "I worked really hard, and I'm still working really hard. I thought that once you sign with a label, things get easier. But they really just get more complicated."

By complicated, Nix is referring to the entire cast of characters associated with a major label: creative directors, publicists, lawyers and the like. However, he leaves all the business to the pros so he can focus on making new music. In fact, he makes new music just about every day.

"I'm constantly making beats and writing and playing on the guitar and the keyboards and stuff. It's an every day routine, so it's going to be weird when I'm on the road and I won't have access to that ... what I'm going to do is bring a s---load of beats with me so I can listen to them on the road and continue to write."

It's not surprising that Nix pulls inspiration from all genres of music, not just rap. He writes beats to be backed by a metal band; it's not all Jay-Z day and night. In fact, Nix listens to a lot of metal bands. He counts August Burns Red, Parkway Drive and Despised Icon among his favorites.

"I really like the guitar riffs, the guitar solos and the breakdowns. The breakdowns are just heavy as f---. Like just balls to the wall."

Richy Nix and his band will perform at both Rock on the Range and Rocklahoma this May.

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